It is the eighteenth century. Two groups of people...


It is 1944. Hitler wants to send many Hungarian...


The war between Iran and Iraq is 8 years...


Millions of people live in Haiti. Haiti is a...


It is December 15, 1788. It is time when...

10-01-49 BC

Two thousand years ago, Rome is a republic. Rome...


It is 1956. Fidel Castro wants a revolution in...


The Golden Gate Bridge is a symbol of San...


It is Sunday morning. It is December 26, 2004....


It is December 25, 1979. Three hundred planes fly...

What is Level 1

Easy English news in Level 1 are for beginners. In this level, we use only 1000 most important words in English. In every news article we mark words which are from a higher level. When you understand all words in Level 1, you know 1000 words in easy English and it is time to go to Level 2. When you read and listen to Level 1 short news every day, very soon you can know and understand 1000 most important words in English.

How to improve your English with Days in Levels: 


  1. Do the test at Test Languages.
  2. Go to your level. Go to Level 1 if you know 1-1000 words. Go to Level 2 if you know 1000-2000 words. Go to Level 3 if you know 2000-3000 words.


  1. Read two new articles article at Days in Levels every day.
  2. Read one previous article too and check if you remember all new words.


  1. Listen to the new article and read the text at the same time.
  2. Listen to the new article without reading the text.


  1. Answer the question under the new article and write your answer in the comments.


  1. Choose one person from the Skype section.
  2. Talk with this person. You can answer questions from Speak in Levels.