The day when the chess Match of the Century began – level 1


Bobby Fischer is a very good chess player. He comes from the US. Boris Spassky is a very good player, too. He comes from the Soviet Union. Fischer never wins a match against Spassky.

An important match between Fischer and Spassky happens in June 1972. It happens in Iceland. Spassky is the world champion. Fischer wants to change it.

Then many problems happen. Fischer comes to Iceland two days late. He wants to change many things.

The first game starts on July 11. Spassky wins. Fischer is angry. Fischer says that TV cameras make him nervous.

The second game happens in another room without TV cameras. This helps Fischer. Fischer wins the match. The Soviet Union loses after 24 years.

Difficult words: chess (a difficult game for two players who play on a square board), world champion (a person who is better at something than other people from all world), nervous (worried and afraid).

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