The day Deepwater Horizon sank – level 3


Deepwater Horizon was a modern oil drilling rig located in the Gulf of Mexico.

On April 20, 2010, during drilling of the exploratory well, there was an eruption of methane. The methane ignited and a series of explosions came which resulted in a firestorm which was visible from 40 kilometers away.

Eleven workers were killed in the accident and others were injured. The rig was evacuated, with injured workers airlifted to hospital.

After approximately 36 hours, Deepwater Horizon sank on April 22, 2010. The biggest problem was that the well was still open. Specialists tried to seal it, but to no effect. Huge amounts of oil flowed into the sea, filling a bigger and bigger area. It was not until July 15 that the well was closed using a massive device.

The oil that spilled from the open well caused a huge environmental disaster in the sea and on the coast of the United States. Many animals died due to it.

Difficult words: methane (a gas that can explode), drilling rig (a machine which takes oil from the ground under the sea), well (a deep hole in the ground from which people take water or oil), ignite (to start burning), seal (to close an entrance), device (a machine), spill (to go out of something in a large amount).

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