The day a signal came from space – level 3


On August 15, 1977, American astronomer Jerry Ehman carried out an inspection of radio telescope records in Ohio. On a long piece of paper, he spotted a series of letters and numbers that exactly matched scientists’ ideas about what an alien signal should look like.

The signal was thirty times stronger than the normal background of the radio noise of the universe, and it lasted 72 seconds. Scientists concluded from the nature of the signal that it must have come from outer space.

What or who sent this signal? It was unclear. Other large and powerful telescopes later searched for the source of the signal that came from the constellation Sagittarius. However, no one was able to record the same signal again. The signal from 1977, therefore, remains an unexplained mystery.

Difficult words: carry out (to do), alien (from another world), conclude (to say what is true after thinking), constellation (a group of stars that has a name), Sagittarius (one of the constellations), remain (to stay).

What do you think the original source of the mysterious signal from 1977 could have been?


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