The day the first national park was established – level 2


Yellowstone National Park is a beautiful place. In 1805, the first Europeans came to this area. They were fascinated by the beauty of the country.

However, it was a disaster for the local Indians who lived in that area. More and more Europeans came, and after a hundred years, all the Indians disappeared from Yellowstone. They were killed or they had to leave.

In 1870, a writer visited the area. After his return, he said that the beautiful area needed protection.

Then the President of the USA also came to see the beauty of Yellowstone. After his visit, Yellowstone became a national park on March 1, 1872. It was the first national park in the world.

Today, people can see many different animals in the park. The grizzly bear, black bear, coyote, and bison live there. The park is visited by 3 million tourists every year.

There is also one big danger in the park. There is a huge active volcano below the ground. If it exploded, it would negatively affect the lives of many people.

Difficult words: however (but), disaster (a catastrophe), disappear (to stop living in someplace), huge (very big).

What was the disaster for the local Indians who lived in Yellowstone National Park?


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