The day young football players became trapped in a cave – level 3


On June 23, 2018, 12 young football players and their coach became trapped in a cave in Thailand due to flooding caused by heavy rain.

Rescue efforts began immediately after they were reported missing, but it took nine days for rescuers to locate the group, as they were deep in the cave and difficult to reach.

The rescue mission involved hundreds of rescuers from all around the world and lasted for 18 days.

The rescue involved a risky operation where divers had to navigate through narrow, flooded passages to reach the boys and bring them out one by one.

The boys and their coach were finally successfully rescued and all of them survived.

Difficult words: involve (to be part of something), last (to take time), navigate (to lead the way through some area), passage (a narrow path to something).

What lessons can we learn from this story about the importance of international cooperation in times of crisis?


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