The day when the Bismarck battleship sank – level 2


Bismarck was one of the two largest German battleships. Nazi Germany built it in 1939, and Adolf Hitler was there when the ship was put to sea in Hamburg.

Bismarck and another battleship, Prinz Eugen, sailed in the Atlantic Ocean, and their job was to stop American ships which brought goods to Britain. Then British ships saw the two German ships off Denmark, and their task was to stop them. Britain ordered all ships which were nearby to attack the German ships.

The battle started on May 24, 1941. Both German ships wanted to destroy a British battleship, Hood. They were successful and 1,416 members of the crew died when Hood sank. Britain wanted to destroy Bismarck and two British torpedoes hit Bismarck badly. Bismarck sank into the ocean on May 27, 1941.

Difficult words: battleship (a very large ship with big guns), order (to tell somebody what he must do), torpedo (a type of bomb that a ship fires at another ship or that a plane drops into the water and it explodes).

What techniques were employed to stop the German ships from destroying British ships?


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