The day the Eiffel Tower opened – level 1


It is 1886. Paris needs a new big structure. People prepare 100 designs. One design is very special. It is a tower. The tower is 324 meters high. The design is by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. His design is the best.

250 workers build the tower. They work 12 hours a day. When they are at 200 meters, they stop the work. They are not happy. They want to work only for 9 hours. They also want more money. Eiffel changes the working hours. He also gives them more money.

On May 6, 1889, the Eiffel Tower opens. People can visit the tower for 5 francs. Many people want to visit the tower.

Difficult words: competition (a situation when people try to be better than the others), strike (a situation when people stop the work because they want more money), demand (to ask for something strongly), public (normal people).

What impact did the completion of the Eiffel Tower have on tourism in Paris?


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