The day the Berlin Wall fell – level 2


On August 13, 1961, East German police start to put wire between the eastern part and the western part of Berlin. They also stop tram and metro connections. They cut telephone lines.

The reason for this activity is simple. The East German government wants to stop East Germans from going to West Germany. 3.5 million people already left since the division of Germany. It’s about 20% of the East German population.

In a few weeks, the wire is replaced by a wall. The wall is guarded by 7,000 soldiers. Now, people can’t easily travel between two parts of Berlin. The wall is 155 kilometers long.

The Berlin Wall becomes a symbol of the Cold War. It divides one of the largest cities in Europe. It divides families and friends.

28 long years after the construction of the Berlin Wall, the situation in the Soviet Union is changing. This also affects East Germany.

On November 9, 1989, the borders are open. Thousands of Berliners from both parts of Berlin meet at the famous Brandenburg Gate. They are happy. Families and friends are finally able to live in one united city.

Difficult words: wire (metal in the form of a line), since (from one moment), divide (to break into smaller pieces), border (the official line between two areas), united (put together into one area).

What was the impact of the Berlin Wall on East German families and friendships?


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