The day of the Costa Concordia disaster – level 1


Costa Concordia is a big ship. On January 13, 2012, the ship is traveling near the land in Italy.

The ship changes its standard direction. After the change of direction, the ship hits a rock underwater.

The collision makes a hole in the ship. The hole is 35 meters long. Seawater goes inside the ship.

The ship stops. The ship leans to one side. Then the ship partially goes underwater.

The evacuation is slow. It takes about six hours to evacuate the people.

The accident is a big disaster. 32 people die during the accident. Many people are injured.

Difficult words: standard (normal), collision (an accident when two things hit each other), lean (to move to one side), partially (not fully), disaster (a catastrophe).

What measures can be taken to help prevent similar disasters from occurring in the future?


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