The day of the Battle of Los Angeles – level 1


In 1942, there is a war between Japan and the United States. The Japanese army is strong. The Japanese army controls more and more places in the Pacific Ocean.

On February 23, 1942, a Japanese submarine attacks American factories near Los Angeles. People in Los Angeles are scared. They think that the Japanese can attack Los Angeles, too.

The next night, on February 24, 1942, US radars see an object. The object is coming to Los Angeles from the west. The object can be a Japanese plane. The Americans switch off the lights in the city. They are preparing for the attack.

At 3 o’clock in the morning, the American soldiers see something in the air. They start to shoot. They are shooting at something in the air for one hour.

When they stop, they don’t see any destroyed planes on the ground. It is a mystery.

The next morning, people in Los Angeles ask for an explanation. But the government isn’t able to give a clear explanation.

Then, people see a photograph in the newspapers. When people see the photograph, they have a clear explanation. It wasn’t a plane. It was a UFO.

Difficult words: submarine (a ship underwater), radar (a machine which shows planes in the air), switch off (to stop light from a lamp), destroyed (very broken), mystery (a situation which people can’t understand), explanation (information why something happens), government (leaders of a country), was (the past form of “is”).

What was the mystery that the American soldiers were shooting at for one hour?


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