The day Louis XVI was executed – level 2


In the eighteenth century, France was a country of two very different worlds. Many people were very poor. Sometimes they couldn’t make enough money to buy bread. Nobles lived their lives in luxury.

It was logical that people wanted the same life for all, and they began to prepare an attack. They attacked the Bastille and the French Revolution started.

King Louis XVI decided to escape from France. However, during his escape, he was caught before he reached the borders, and he was returned to Paris. The fact that he tried to escape from France was a crime to the French people.

The people put Louis XVI in prison. He was executed on January 21, 1793. His death was an important moment in the revolution. Then, power was given to the people and France became a republic.

Difficult words: noble (a person who is a member of the highest social class), Bastille (an old prison in Paris), escape (to run away), border (a line between two countries), execute (to kill somebody as a punishment), republic (a government where the people choose the leaders).

What was the symbolic meaning of King Louis XVI's execution to the French people?


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