The day jeans were patented – level 1


Levi Strauss is from Germany. He comes to the United States in 1847.

In 1853, Strauss travels to San Francisco. He opens a business with fabric in San Francisco.

In 1872, Strauss gets a letter from Jacob Davis who is a tailor. Davis has a new idea for strong trousers. He wants to patent his idea. Davis asks Strauss for help with the patent.

Strauss and Davis get the patent for the new idea on May 20, 1873.

The jeans made by Strauss and Davis are blue and very strong.

Jeans quickly become popular among miners and cowboys because they need strong trousers for their work.

Over time, jeans become a symbol of American culture. People of all ages and social classes like jeans.

Difficult words: fabric (material for clothes), tailor (a person who makes men’s clothes), miner (a person who works under the ground and brings up coal, diamonds, or gold).

What year did Levi Strauss come to the United States and what prompted him to start a business in San Francisco?


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