The day Abraham Lincoln was shot – level 2


Abraham Lincoln was a president in difficult times. When he was the president, there was a brutal civil war between Americans from the North and Americans from the South. Lincoln was a leader of the North. The South was in the war because it wanted to keep slavery, but the war was won by the North. After that, Lincoln abolished slavery in the United States.

Some people didn’t like this new situation. One of the supporters of slavery was a famous actor from a theater in Washington, DC, where Lincoln liked to go. This actor hated Lincoln.

On April 14, 1865, the president was sitting in his theater box with his wife and two friends. A comedy was playing and Lincoln was having a good time.

At one moment, the famous actor came to the president’s box. He waited for a funny part when the audience laughed. When the funny part came, he shot the president in the head. Then he ran out through the back door and escaped on his horse.

Lincoln was seriously injured and he died the next morning. The killer was caught 12 days later.

Difficult words: civil war (a war between two groups of people in one country), slavery (the system when people have slaves), abolish (to officially end), box (a small area of a theater separate from other people), escape (to run away).

What impact did the assassination of President Lincoln have on the abolition of slavery in the United States?


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