The day Abraham Lincoln was shot – level 1


Abraham Lincoln is a president in difficult times. When he is the president, there is a war in the United States. The North is against the South.

Lincoln is a leader of the North. The South wants to keep slavery. The North wants to stop slavery. The North wins the war. After that, Lincoln stops slavery in the United States.

Some people don’t like this new situation. One of these people is a famous actor from Washington, DC. He works in a theater where Lincoln likes to go. This actor hates Lincoln.

On April 14, 1865, the president is sitting in the theater with his wife. People watch a comedy. The comedy is funny.

At one moment, the famous actor comes to the president. He shoots the president in the head. Then he runs out of the theater and rides away on his horse.

Lincoln’s injury is very bad. He dies the next morning. People catch the actor 12 days later.

Difficult words: slavery (the system when people have slaves), hate (to dislike very much), laugh (to smile very much), ride (to go on a horse), injury (when your body is broken).

What kind of character did the famous actor have to have in order to commit such an act?


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