Valentine’s Day – level 1


Valentine’s Day is on February 14. It is a day for people in love.

The story of Valentine’s Day is very old. A legend speaks about an emperor of Rome. His name is Claudius. Claudius says that young men can’t be married.

He thinks that married men aren’t good soldiers.

Valentine is a priest. He lives in Rome too. Valentine doesn’t agree with Claudius’s idea. Valentine marries young couples in love. When Claudius knows this, he arrests Valentine. Then he tells people to kill Valentine on February 14, 270.

After his death, Valentine becomes a symbol of love. February 14 starts to be a day of love.

Difficult words: legend (an old story which doesn’t have to be true), emperor (a boss of many countries), priest (a person who can do religious ceremonies), agree (to think the same), couple (a man and a woman), arrest (to put in prison).

What do you think is the most important part of Valentine's day?


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