The day young football players became trapped in a cave – level 1


It is June 23, 2018. 12 young football players and their coach go inside a cave in Thailand. A strong rain comes. Water from the rain blocks the entrance to the cave. The boys can’t go out of the cave.

Many people come to the cave. They want to find the boys in the cave, but it is very difficult to find them because the way to the boys is narrow and under water.

After nine days, people find the boys deep in the cave. Now, they must get the boys out of the cave. It is difficult and dangerous.

After 9 more days, the boys and their coach are out of the cave. They all survive.

Difficult words: entrance (a point where you enter something), narrow (not wide).

What strategies were used by the rescuers to get the boys out of the cave safely?


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