The day World War II began – level 1


In 1936, Adolf Hitler is the leader of the Nazis in Germany. The Nazis want to make one big country for all people who speak German.

The first country is Austria. Hitler has a clever plan. He helps the Austrian Nazis take control of the country. Later, Hitler’s army goes to Austria. Now, Austria is a part of Germany.

Other European countries don’t stop Hitler. He takes more and more power.

In 1938, Britain and France say that Hitler can take some parts of Czechoslovakia.

In 1939, Hitler wants to go to Poland. On 1 September 1939, the German army goes to Poland.

A war starts. It is the worst war in history. It is six years long. Eighty million people die.

Difficult words: Nazi (a person in a political party which controls Germany in World War II), army (the soldiers in one country), worst (very bad)

What led to the European countries' decision to allow Hitler to take control of parts of Czechoslovakia?


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