The day Winston Churchill became the prime minister – level 2


Winston Churchill became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on May 10, 1940.

He took over the role during a critical time in British history. The country was at war with Nazi Germany and had to deal with the potential invasion.

Churchill’s appointment was not popular among some members of his own party. They felt that he was too unpredictable and impulsive to lead the country effectively. However, he was chosen due to his experience and reputation as a strong leader.

During his time as Prime Minister, Churchill gave many famous speeches which inspired people to be strong during those difficult times.

Difficult words: invasion (a moment when an enemy army enters your country), appointment (a moment when somebody is chosen for a job), unpredictable (when you don’t know what the person will do).

What impact did Winston Churchill's speeches have on the morale of the British people throughout World War II?


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