The day Usain Bolt set a new world record – level 3


On August 16, 2009, Usain Bolt of Jamaica set a new world record in the 100 meters at the World Championships in Berlin, Germany.

Bolt was competing against some of the fastest sprinters in the world, but was still the favorite to win the race.

Bolt didn’t have the best start, but by the 30-meter mark, he was already leading. By the halfway point of the race, Bolt had a significant lead over his competitors, and he continued to pull away from the others in the final 50 meters.

When Bolt crossed the finish line, the scoreboard showed the incredible time of 9.58 seconds. It was a new world record. Bolt’s time was 0.11 seconds faster than his previous world record, which he had set at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Difficult words: pull away (to get further from somebody), significant (quite big).

What factors do you think played into Usain Bolt's exceptional performance in the 2009 World Championships?


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