The day the US stopped fighting in Vietnam – level 3


Vietnam was divided into North Vietnam and South Vietnam since the 1950s with the Communists controlling the north. The Americans closely monitored the situation in Vietnam and were helping in South Vietnam.

By 1963, the North Vietnamese had sent 40,000 soldiers to fight in South Vietnam. North Vietnam was heavily backed by Russia and China. In response to North Vietnamese activities, American soldiers were sent to Vietnam in 1964.

It wasn’t an easy situation for young American soldiers, as they found themselves in an unfamiliar environment in a thick jungle and unbearable heat. A lot of insects and poisonous snakes were everywhere. The enemies were often disguised as ordinary farmers.

The war was long and the losses on the American side were huge, therefore, demonstrations to end the war started in the United States. On January 27, 1973, an agreement to end the war was signed in Paris.

Difficult words: thick (growing very close together), unbearable (too unpleasant to live with), poisonous (having poison), disguised (having a hidden identity), ordinary (normal).

What effect did the Vietnam War have on the American public?


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