The day the US stopped fighting in Vietnam – level 1


Vietnam has two parts of the country in 1964. These two parts are North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The Communists control the north.

The Americans are helping South Vietnam. Russia and China are helping North Vietnam.

Many American soldiers are fighting in Vietnam. They are young men. Their situation isn’t easy.

They are in a new place. The jungle is full of insects and dangerous snakes. The weather is very hot. Some enemies look like farmers. They do not look like enemies. They surprise the soldiers.

The war is long. Many American soldiers die. People in America don’t like the war. They start to demonstrate against the war.

On January 27, 1973, people from both sides meet in Paris. They sign a special contract. Then, the Americans stop the war in Vietnam.

Difficult words: Communist (people in a government called Communism), insect (a small animal with six legs), enemy (an opponent in a war), demonstrate (to say and show that you do not like something), both (two), sign (to write your name on a contract).

What was the reasoning behind the United States' decision to send troops to Vietnam?


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