The day the trial of the Rosenbergs started – level 1


In 1945, the United States use an atomic bomb. The atomic bomb helps to end the war with Japan. It also gives the United States military dominance. This dominance does not last.

In 1949, the Russians test their atomic bomb, too. It is a shock to the Americans. The Americans examine the air over the Pacific Ocean after the explosion. This examination shows that the Russian bomb is a copy of an American bomb. It is another big shock.

The Americans understand that the Russians know how to make an atomic bomb. This is because somebody from the United States gives information to the Russians.

Soon, the police find a Russian agent in a military laboratory in the United States. He tells the police the truth. He starts to work with the police. He tells the police the names of other Russian agents.

The most important agent is Julius Rosenberg. He is a leader of other agents. They give him secret information about military technology. Rosenberg is arrested.

On March 6, 1951, the trial starts with him and his wife. The result of the trial is a death sentence for both of them.

Difficult words: military (connected to the army), dominance (when you have more power than others), secret (known by only a few people), arrested (taken to prison), trial (a process in a court), result (what is at the end of some activity), sentence (a punishment).

What happened in the United States in the 1940s that caused the country to have an atomic bomb and then lose its military dominance?


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