The day the Titanic sank – level 1


It is September 1985. People go underwater in the Atlantic Ocean. The people see the Titanic again. It is at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. It is 73 years after the catastrophe.

In 1912, the Titanic is the biggest and the most modern ship in the world. Some people say that the ship can’t sink. However, the Titanic sinks during the first trip to New York.

It is 23:39 pm on April 14, 1912. One man sees a big iceberg in front of the ship. The ship hits the iceberg. Water starts to go into the ship.

Only twenty small boats to save people are on the Titanic. Twenty small boats are not enough for all the people.

1,500 people die. It is a big catastrophe.

Difficult words: catastrophe (a very bad event), sink (go under water), iceberg (big piece of ice), enough (all what you need).

What do you think the people who witnessed the Titanic in its resting place in 1985 thought of this tragedy?


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