The day the telephone was patented – level 1


Alexander Graham Bell starts his experiments in 1873. He wants to send sound from one machine to another machine. He spends all his free time on such experiments. For a long time, he isn’t successful.

Then in June 1875, Bell sends a tone between two machines. It is great. Bell is happy. He continues with his work.

Nine months later, on March 7, 1876, Bell goes to the patent office. He wants to patent his idea of a telephone.

On the same day, another man, Elisha Gray, also goes to the patent office. He wants to patent his telephone, too. Unfortunately for Gray, Bell comes to the patent office 2 hours before him. Bell gets the patent.

Bell offers his telephone to the government. The telephone isn’t interesting for people in the government.

A year later, Bell shows his telephone at the exhibition in Philadelphia. People like his new machine. It is a big success.

After the exhibition, people in America start to use phones. Other countries start to use phones, too. Soon, Bell is a rich man.

Difficult words: successful (when you have good results), tone (a sound), patent (an idea), unfortunately (when something bad happens), exhibition (a big show of pictures or objects), success (when you get what you want).

What did Alexander Graham Bell patent on March 7, 1876?


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