The day the Sydney Opera House opened – level 2


The Sydney Opera House is a very special building. Before the construction started, a total of 233 proposals came to the competition for its future appearance. A not very well-known architect from Denmark won the proposal competition. He hadn’t visited Australia before, but his design which was similar to a sailboat was perfect for Australia.

The construction began in 1959 and it was completed in 1973. It was clear to everyone who saw the new building that it was something special.

When the Sydney Opera House opened on October 20, 1973, it was a great moment. Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain also came to see the event. Soon it entered architecture text books and became a symbol of Australia.

The building goes 25 meters under sea level and 67 meters above sea level.

The Sydney Opera house is visited by over two million people a year.

Difficult words: event (an important or interesting moment), proposal (a plan for a building), appearance (how something looks).

What were some of the other proposals that were submitted to the competition for the design of the Sydney Opera House?


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