The day the Suez Crisis started – level 1


The Suez Canal opens in 1869. The canal is 163 km long. The canal is a way from Europe to Asia. It is a transport revolution because the ships don’t have to go around Africa when they want to go to India.

England is the official administrator of the Suez Canal. Then the situation changes in 1952. At that time, there is a revolution in Egypt.

The king loses his power. Egypt is a republic now. Egypt has a new president. The president controls Egypt now. The Egyptian army occupies the Suez Canal.

England and France are not happy. They want to get the canal back. They ask Israel for help.

On October 29, 1956, Israel starts an attack on Egypt. Soon after that, the British and French armies start an attack, too. They go to Egypt and they occupy the Suez Canal.

The Soviet Union and the Americans are strongly against this occupation. The British and French armies must leave Egypt. The fight ends. The president of Egypt says that all ships can go through the canal. Now, the Suez Canal is a part of Egypt.

Difficult words: revolution (a big change in the way something happens or in a government), power (control), republic (a government where officials work for people), occupy (to go to some play and stay there), attack (a moment when you hit somebody), leave (to go away from).

What impacts did the 1956 Suez Crisis have on international relations?


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