The day the Six-Day War started – level 2


In May 1967, Egypt closed the access to the Red Sea for Israel. Soon, the Six-Day War between Israel and its Arabian neighbors began.

On June 5, 1967, almost all Israeli planes took off and attacked Egyptian army airports. Egyptian planes stood at the airports unprotected. The result was very bad for Egypt. 338 Egyptian planes, which were 90% of the planes, were destroyed.

Israel took control of the airspace in the area. At that moment, the Israeli planes could fully support ground operations. Egypt was defeated and Israel had access to the Red Sea again.

Israel also took control over some parts of Jerusalem which were previously controlled by Jordan. On the fifth day of the war, Israel started an attack on the Syrian Golan Heights and got them under control.

The war changed the map of the whole area, but it didn’t solve the situation. Soon, more wars between Arabs and Israel came.

Difficult words: unprotected (not protected), airspace (the sky above a country), defeat (to win over somebody), solve (to find a solution).

What were the significant events and outcomes of the Six-Day War in 1967 and how did it impact the ongoing conflict between Arab nations and Israel?


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