The day the Roswell UFO incident was published – level 3


One morning in July 1947, William Brazel who worked on the ranch in New Mexico, US, came across a place that looked like a crash site. A large area was covered by bright pieces of rubber, thin aluminum, and sticks.

Brazel went to the near town of Roswell, and he told the local sheriff that he may have found a flying disc. The sheriff reported the matter to a nearby military base. When the soldiers arrived at the crash site, they found more parts of aluminum and rubber.

On July 8, 1947, the army announced that they had recovered a “flying disc” that had crashed on a ranch near Roswell. The report was immediately picked up by numerous newspapers.

Later that day, the army issued another statement that said that it was the crash of a weather balloon. However, many people didn’t believe this explanation. To this day, some people think it was a real UFO crash.

Difficult words: site (a place where something important happened), recover (to get back something that was lost), pick up (to write or speak about something again).

What do you think happened on the ranch in New Mexico in July 1947?


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