The day the Roswell UFO incident was published – level 1


It is morning in July 1947. A farmer is walking on his ranch in New Mexico, US. He comes to one place. He sees something new. He sees many small broken pieces. The pieces are like aluminum or rubber.

The farmer goes to the near town. The name of the town is Roswell. The farmer speaks to a sheriff. The farmer speaks about a crash of a flying disc.

The sheriff gives this information to the army. When the soldiers come, they collect the pieces of aluminum and rubber.

It is July 8, 1947. Newspapers write about the crash near Roswell. The army says that it is the crash of a weather balloon. Many people don’t believe this explanation. Many people think that it is a UFO.

Difficult words: aluminum (a silver-white metal), rubber (a material like hard gum), sheriff (law officer), crash (a big accident), flying(able to fly), collect (to take), explanation (why something happens).

What do you think happened near Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947?


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