The day the Nuremberg trials started – level 2


World War II was far from over and the Allies were already thinking about what to do with the Nazi leaders who started the war.

The Americans wanted a fair trial and the other countries agreed. The trial started on November 20, 1945. There were 22 Nazi leaders who were judged.

The judges had 2,500 documents. These documents were records of the meetings with Hitler, speeches and orders that the Nazis gave. There were also films which were taken by the Allies during the liberation of the concentration camps.

The judges met more than 400 times. The Nazis usually said that they did what they did because they were only following orders.

Three of the Nazis were freed. Seven were sent to prison and twelve were sentenced to death by hanging.

The Nuremberg trials were historically the first trial of war criminals.

Difficult words: over (finished), the Allies (the group of countries who were at war with Germany), Nazi (connected to the National Socialist Party in Germany),trial (a process in which people are judged), order (an instruction from a boss), that (which), sentence(to give a punishment).

What do you think should have been the punishment for the Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials?


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