The day the last emperor of China abdicated – level 1


Puyi is the last Chinese emperor. He is born in 1906. He starts to be an emperor when he is only three years old.

Three years later, a revolution starts in China. The people don’t want an emperor. The people want a republic. Puyi must abdicate. It happens on February 12, 1912.

In 1932, the Japanese attack China. The Japanese make a new state in China. They decide that Puyi can be an emperor again. Puyi starts to be an emperor of this new state. But he must do what the Japanese want.

After World War II, communists start to control China. The communists send Puyi to a special camp. They want to give him new education. Puyi spends 10 years in this camp.

After the camp, he lives a normal life. He works as a gardener. He dies at the age of 61 in Beijing.

Difficult words: emperor (a leader of an empire or a large place), revolution (a change in government), republic (a government that has many leaders that work for its people), abdicate (to agree to lose the power), state (an area, a government), communists (Russians during the time that Russia was a Communist government), education (the process of learning), age (the number of years of a person).

In your opinion, what was Puyi's biggest accomplishment?


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