The day the inventor of Morse Code was born – level 2


Samuel Morse was born on April 27, 1791, in Massachusetts, which was then a part of the British colony.

He became a successful painter, and then he turned his attention to developing the telegraph and Morse Code.

Together with his colleague, Morse created a system of dots and dashes that represented the letters of the alphabet.

Morse demonstrated the system for the first time in 1844 when he sent a message over a distance of 60 km.

The development of the telegraph and Morse Code revolutionized communication. With these tools, it was possible to send messages quickly over long distances.

One of the most famous phrases in Morse code is the distress signal, SOS.

Difficult words: dot (a small round mark), dash (a small short line), distress (a situation in which a person is in danger).

What other famous phrases or messages have been sent in Morse code over the years?


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