The day the Gulf War started – level 1


The war between Iran and Iraq is 8 years long. After the war, Iraq must pay money to other countries. However, Iraq doesn’t have money. Nobody wants to give Iraq more money. Saddam Hussein is Iraq’s leader. He has an idea. He says that Kuwait steals oil from Iraq. Kuwait says that it isn’t true.

On August 2, 1990, Iraq attacks Kuwait. Now Saddam Hussein controls Kuwait.

The situation isn’t good for Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia asks the United States for help. The Americans come to Saudi Arabia.

On January 17, 1991 an American air attack starts. After some weeks, the ground attack starts. Kuwait is free. The war is finished. The ground operation is only 100 hours long.

Difficult words: steal (take something which isn’t yours), ground (on land), operation (a process).

What were the implications of Saddam Hussein's decision to accuse Kuwait of stealing oil from Iraq?


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