The day the first journey around the world ended – level 2


Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer. He was a leader of a Spanish expedition that wanted to find a western way to East Asia in 1519. Magellan didn’t sail to Asia around Africa and across the Indian Ocean. Magellan chose to sail west around South America. The expedition had five ships with 270 men.

The goal was to bring spices from East Asia. The expedition was long and hard. Many men died. Ferdinand Magellan died, too. When the expedition reached East Asia, it continued west across the Indian Ocean and around Africa.

Only one ship full of spices with 18 men on board returned to Spain. It was on September 6, 1522. It was the first journey around the world and proof that the Earth is round.

Difficult words: explorer (a person who travels to new places), sail (to travel across water), proof (evidence).

What did the returning ship bring back to Spain other than spices?


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