The day the Falklands War ended – level 1


It is April 2, 1982. Soldiers from Argentina go to the Falkland Islands. 2 thousand people live on the islands. The people are British. They live 12,000 kilometers from Britain.

In London, people are shocked. The British government sends 93 ships to the Falkland Islands. There are 15 thousand soldiers on the ships. They have only one goal. They are going to get the islands back under British control.

It is May 1. A war starts on the islands. The war is in the air, at sea, and on land. On June 14, Argentina loses the war. The British soldiers win.

The Falklands War is 74 days long. 904 soldiers died in the war.

Difficult words: shocked (surprised and angry), government (the leaders of a country), goal (what you want to get).

What country were the Falkland Islands originally populated by and how far was it from their home country?


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