The day the Crusaders lost Jerusalem – level 1


The crusades are big fights between Christians and Muslims. They are 200 years long. The Christians start these fights because they want to control Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is a city with the holy places of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

It is clear that people who control Jerusalem control the way to all the holy places. In 1095, Muslims are in control of Jerusalem.

Pope Urban II is not happy. He wants to take Jerusalem from Muslim control. In France, he starts the First Crusade.

The Crusaders travel through Turkey and Syria. They go to Muslim cities. They kill all the people who live there. After three years of travel, the Crusaders come to Jerusalem. They go inside the city. Here they kill all the people again.

When Sultan Saladin comes to power, he wants Jerusalem back. This is in 1187. The Crusaders have an army of 20,000 men. However, the army is not very strong. They lose an important battle by the rocks which are called the Horns of Hattin.

Then Saladin goes to Jerusalem. It is October 2, 1187. Saladin goes inside Jerusalem. The Crusaders lose the holy city.

Difficult words: crusade (a war started by a Christian army because they want to take the area of Palestine from the Muslims), holy (connected with God), sultan (a Muslim king), army (a big group of soldiers), battle (a fight between two armies), be called (have a name).

What was the primary motivation for the Crusaders in their fight to control Jerusalem?


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