The day the construction of the Three Gorges Dam began – level 1


The Yangtze River is in China. It starts in Tibet. It is a very long river. It is 6,000 kilometers long. Millions of people live near this river.

People in China want to build a dam on this river. The dam can make electricity. People need electricity in China. The dam can also stop big floods.

The dam isn’t good for some people because they have to leave their homes. 150 cities and 13,000 villages have to go under water.

The construction begins on December 14, 1994. The construction is 17 years long. 250,000 people work on the construction.

The dam is finished in 2012. It is 185 meters high. It is 2,300 meters long. It’s the biggest dam in the world.

Difficult words: dam (a special wall across a river), flood (water from a river which goes into houses and businesses), leave (to go away from a place), construction (the process of building something).

What are the long-term economic and environmental impacts of the Yangtze River Dam?


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