The day the car for normal people was made – level 3


It is the year 1908, almost a quarter of a century since the German designer Karl Benz introduced the world’s first car.

Despite this, only wealthy people or car racers can afford to own a car. However, all of that is about to change right now.

It’s Thursday, October 1, 1908, and Henry Ford is launching his Ford Model T. 35-year-old American businessman Henry Ford has long been obsessed with the idea that almost everyone would have a car one day.

The Ford T is cheap, costing only $850 and in some time the price goes down to even $300. That’s the money a regular worker at a Ford factory makes in just 3 months.

By the end of its production in 1927, an incredible 15 million units of this model had been sold.

Difficult words: quarter (1/4), despite (opposite to), can afford (to have enough money), launch (to start), be obsessed (to think about something all the time).

What do you think made the Ford Model T such a success?


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