The day the car for normal people was made – level 1


It is the year 1908. It is twenty-three years after Karl Benz makes his first car in Germany. After this long time, only very rich people can buy a car. However, a big change is coming.

It’s Thursday, October 1, 1908. Henry Ford makes his Ford Model T. Henry Ford is 35 years old. He is an American businessman. He has a big dream. He wants to make a car for normal people. Now, his dream is a reality.

The Ford T is cheap. It costs only $850. After some time the price goes down to $300. A normal worker at a Ford factory makes this money in 3 months.

The production of this car stops in 1927. It is a very popular car. People buy 15 million types of this car.

Difficult words: reality (the real situation), dream (an idea of something that you want to do), cost (how much you pay).

What impact has Henry Ford’s invention had on the automobile industry and society as a whole?


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