The day the bombing of London started – level 3


In August 1940, Germany controlled much of Western Europe. One country that was able to resist the attacks was Great Britain. Germany wanted to demoralize the British by bombing their capital.

The bombing started on September 7, 1940. London suffered severe damage and heavy casualties, but Londoners never gave up. They evacuated children to the countryside. Those who stayed in London took shelter in underground stations.

The bombing lasted 57 days. 20,000 people died.

The bombing failed to demoralize the British into surrender or do much damage to the war economy. On the contrary, the British became stronger and eventually won the Second World War.

Difficult words: severe (very bad), casualties (people who are injured or killed in a war), shelter (a place where you can hide from danger), on the contrary (the opposite is true).

What do you think were the key elements that allowed Britain to resist the German attacks?


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