The day the Battle of Mogadishu began – level 1


Mogadishu is in Somalia. On October 3rd, 1993, the Battle of Mogadishu starts. In the beginning, the US soldiers want to catch two Somali soldiers. They want to do it fast, but soon they see that it is not easy. A big battle starts. The battle is two days long.

In the battle, two US helicopters crash. The US soldiers want to save the survivors of the crashes.

After a long fight, the survivors are safe but a lot of soldiers die. There are 18 American soldiers dead and 73 injured. There are 400 Somali soldiers dead and a thousand injured.

Difficult words: soldier (a person in the army), crash (to go down and hit the ground), survivor (a person who lives after an accident), injured (when you are injured, a part of your body is broken).

What were the long-term consequences of the Battle of Mogadishu?


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