The day the Battle of Midway began – level 3


At the turn of 1941 and 1942, the US had difficulty recovering from a surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The Japanese had achieved overwhelming military superiority, and they aimed for getting control over the entire Pacific Ocean.

Japan possessed 250 aircraft and four aircraft carriers that could be sent into combat.

However, US intelligence broke a secret Japanese naval code and they were able to determine the date and location of a planned attack on the Midway Atoll. With an area of only 6 square kilometers and located 4,000 kilometers off the Japanese coast and 5,000 kilometers off the US coast, Midway was part of Japan’s defensive strategy, and defeating the US would ensure Japanese dominance in the Pacific Ocean.

The attack began on June 3, 1942, when Japan occupied two Aleutian Islands. On June 4, Japan took off against the Midway Islands.

Difficult words: superiority (an advantage over an enemy), combat (a fight or conflict in a war), dominance (power and influence over others).

What strategies did the US use to turn the tide of the Battle of Midway and achieve a decisive victory?


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