The day the American Civil War ended – level 3


In the middle of the 19th century, the situation on the North American continent was very tense. The United States was divided into industrial and prosperous North and an agricultural South.

The main conflict was slavery. White Americans worked in the industrial North, while 4 million black slaves worked on the southern plantations.

The conflict began to escalate in 1860 when Abraham Lincoln was elected president. He planned to prevent the expansion of slavery in America. The southern states didn’t like it and separated from the United States. Thus began the civil war between the North and the South.

The war lasted for 4 years. On April 9, 1865, both armies clashed in the final battle. The North won. The civil war ended.

In December 1865, the use of slave labor was banned throughout the United States.

Difficult words: elected (chosen), thus (for that reason), civil (connected to people in one country), clash (to meet in battle), labor (work).

What were the long-term effects of the Civil War in terms of race relations in the United States?


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