The day the American Civil War ended – level 1


In 1861, the situation in the United States isn’t easy. There are two different groups of states. The states in the north are industrial. The states in the south are agricultural.

The biggest problem is slavery. The North wants to stop slavery. The South wants to keep slaves.

The states in the south want to separate from the states in the north. The civil war between the North and the South starts.

The war is 4 years long. On April 9, 1865, the North and the South meet in the final battle. The North wins. The civil war ends.

In December 1865, slavery is stopped in the United States.

Difficult words: agricultural (connected to farming), slavery (the system in which people have slaves), civil war (a war between two groups of people in one country), battle (a big fight).

How did the end of the American Civil War influence the rights of African Americans in the United States?


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