The day Princess Diana died – level 2


Diana, Princess of Wales, was the first wife of Prince Charles. Diana and Charles’s marriage wasn’t happy. They divorce in 1996.

After the divorce, Diana continued her charity work. She lived more freely, and she met Dodi Fayed, the son of an Egyptian billionaire. The media continued to follow her wherever she went, but she looked happy.

Diana and Dodi decided to spend the last days of August 1997 in Paris. Shortly after midnight on August 31, they left a hotel. They were followed by a group of photographers.

Diana and Dodi told the driver to go fast. The car was going through the center of Paris at a speed of 105 kilometers per hour. Then, it hit a wall in one of the tunnels. Dodi and the driver were dead. Diana was fighting for her life, but she died shortly after the accident in hospital.

Difficult words: divorce (people are divorced when they end their marriage), charity (an organization which helps poor people), wherever (everywhere), looked (to be seen like).

What impact did Diana, Princess of Wales, have on the public and how did it shape future royal marriages?


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