The day President Kennedy was killed – level 3


On November 22, 1963, the weather was beautiful in Dallas, Texas. It was so hot that the US president, John F. Kennedy, could use an open-top limousine.

A convoy of cars with a presidential limousine drove through the city streets. Thousands of waving people came to see the president. At one moment, shots were fired. One hit the president in the neck and another in the head. The president was seriously injured and was immediately taken to hospital where he died.

Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested 40 minutes after the assassination. He worked in a building from where the shooting took place. He supported the Cuban leader Castro and lived for a long time in the Soviet Union. He didn’t confess to the shooting even during the long interrogation.

Two days after the assassination, Oswald was taken from the police building to prison. A crowd of journalists was waiting for his arrival. There was a man hiding among them. His name was Jack Ruby. At one moment, Ruby took his revolver and shot Oswald in the stomach at close range. Oswald was taken to hospital where he died from his injury.

Difficult words: convoy (a group of vehicles travelling together), assassination (the act of killing an important person), confess (to say to the police that you did something), interrogation (a long interview at the police station), range (a distance).

What impact did Jack Ruby's shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald have on the public perception of the assassination of John F. Kennedy?


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