The day President Kennedy was killed – level 1


On November 22, 1963, the weather is beautiful in Dallas, Texas, US. The US president, John F. Kennedy, goes in a car through the city streets. The car has no roof.

Thousands of people come to see the president. At one moment, people hear shots. One shot hits the president in the neck. Another shot hits the president in the head.

People take the president to hospital. The situation is very bad. Soon, the president dies in hospital.

40 minutes after the attack, the police catch Lee Harvey Oswald. He works in a building which is near the place of the attack. He likes the Cuban leader Castro.

He also lived for a long time in the Soviet Union. The police ask him many questions. But he never says that he does the attack.

Two days after the attack, the police take Oswald to prison. Many journalists are waiting for him. One man is waiting for him, too. His name is Jack Ruby.

At one moment, Ruby takes his revolver and shoots Oswald in the stomach. People take Oswald to hospital. His situation is very bad. Soon, he dies in hospital.

Difficult words: roof (the top of a house or car), shot (the sound of a gun), lived (the past form of to live).

What motive do you think could have led Jack Ruby to shoot Lee Harvey Oswald?


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