The day penicillin was discovered – level 1


Alexander Fleming is from Scotland. He wants to help people. He wants to kill bacteria that are in people’s bodies.

In September 1928, Fleming returns to his laboratory after a holiday. He looks at his plates with bacteria. He sees that a blue-green mold is on one plate. The bacteria around the mold don’t grow. It shows that mold kills the bacteria.

This information is fantastic. Fleming continues his work. Soon, he can make his mold. His mold can kill bacteria, too. It happens on September 28, 1928. He gives his mold a new name – penicillin. Penicillin is a very famous antibiotic.

In 1945, Fleming gets the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Difficult words: bacteria (very small forms of life), plate (a small plate which people use in a laboratory for tests), mold (a very small mushroom which grows on old food or plants), famous (when many people know it), antibiotic (a thing which can destroy bacteria), Nobel Prize (a very famous prize).

How did Alexander Fleming discover penicillin?


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