The day Palestine was divided – level 1


Jerusalem is a city in the Middle East. It is a very old city. The translation of its name is “city of peace.”

Jerusalem is a holy city to three religions. These are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. These religions have their holy places in one small place. This is a problem because different groups of people want to be in one place. Jerusalem has a history full of fights and wars.

During the Second World War, 6 million Jews die in Europe. Many Jews don’t want to live in Europe. They want to go to Palestine. Palestine is a holy land for them.

More and more Jews go to Palestine. In 1947, there are already 600,000 Jews there. Palestinian Muslims who live there don’t like it.

Fights between Jews and Palestinians start. The fights are bigger and bigger. The country is close to a war. It is a problem for other countries, too.

The United States says that Palestine can have two states, Jewish and Arabic. Jews agree. Palestinian Muslims don’t agree.

Then, on November 29, 1947, people from other countries vote at the United Nations. They decide to make the Jewish state of Israel in Palestine. Jews are happy. Muslims aren’t happy. This moment is the reason for many wars and fights between Jews and Muslims in the Middle East. This situation continues to this day.

Difficult words: Middle East (the area between Egypt and Iran), translation (what the word is in another language), holy (related with God and religion), close to (near), vote (to say what possibility you like more), United Nations (an international organization in New York, US), decide (to make a choice), reason (why something happens).

What are potential strategies for achieving peace and resolution of conflict in Jerusalem between the Jews, Christians and Muslims?


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